LangTang Valley Trekking

Trip Duration
12 Days
Trip Grade
Taxi or Jeep, Bus
Max. Altitude
Langtang Region
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sep- Nov and Mar – May

Tour overview

A quick, enjoyable, and perfect trek across the Langtang region is the Langtang Valley Trek. It is renowned for offering breathtaking views of the mountains, undiscovered native culture, and Langtang Himalayan ranges. A stunning and fascinating travel destination in Nepal is the Langtang Trekking Trail to Kathmandu. In the Langtang Valley Trek, the majority of the route is unexplored. You would have the ideal opportunity with this trek to make your trip to the Himalayas unforgettable.
Our Langtang trekking itinerary will also acquaint you with the untamed surroundings of Langtang National Park, where you might be able to observe elusive animals like the red panda, Himalayan tahr, or musk deer darting among the thick undergrowth.
As we go from the tropical lowlands to the alpine heights of the Langtang Valley, really observant hikers may even find proof of the extremely uncommon snow leopard.
A prestigious destination, the Langtang Valley Trek leads to the discovery of amazing peaks after a fun hike. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the Langtang glacier, as well as varied landscapes, a former Buddhist monastery, a nearby cheese factory, magnificent mountains, and unusual circumstances. This journey is more genuine because of Langtang Lirung’s summit and the distinctive Tamang culture. The 12 Days Trek gives delightful vistas of impressive mountains and a joyous stroll through magnificent valleys.
Syabrubeshi or Dhunche serve as the starting and finishing points for the 12-day Langtang Circuit Trek. It might be reached by a lengthy trip from Kathmandu. The only option for travel is to participate in the Langtang trek since there is no airport. Langtang Village, Kyanjin Gompa, Syabrubeshi, the Lama Hotel, and so forth.
The degree of difficulty of the Langtang Trek
However, this journey is a physically demanding one, and it’s possible to have acute mountain sickness (AMS) when following this route. Regular cardiovascular exercise, like as walking or jogging, is essential to preparing for your expedition.
Your guide from our Treks company has extensive knowledge of these mountains and will watch out for your safety during this -day program. You’re sure to have a wonderful adventure here in Nepal’s Langtang Valley if you keep in mind to hike at your own speed and pay attention to your guide’s recommendations.


Arrive at the hotel by transfer after leaving the Kathmandu international airport. After being welcomed by our guides and staff, check into your accommodation, join the group for a briefing on the hikes and other essential information, and enjoy a welcome supper.

Kathmandu offers a unique aura. the day will be peacefully entertaining by visiting the fascinating historic palaces of the valley. All gives numerous breathtaking vista. later we will arrange a fancy dinner for you in Kathmandu top hotel.

A picturesque drive to Syabrubesi, the entrance to Langtang National Park, marks the start of our Langtang Valley Trek. Along the trip, we'll stop for a few rest stops, including one at Trishuli Bazaar, where we'll have lunch and sample some regional cuisine. You may anticipate a total of eight hours of travel time today. However, this isn't a boring interstate commute; rather, you'll be traveling through quaint rural towns, meandering mountain roads, and expansive rice, maize, and millet fields. Even the snow-capped peaks of the Ganesh Himal range will start to come into view as we follow the Trishuli River and climb to Dhunche.

We'll stretch our legs when we get to Syabrubesi and go for a walk around the neighborhood. You'll experience your first night in a teahouse tonight. These modest lodges can be found throughout the majority of Nepalese trekking trails, where you can anticipate simple, delectable meals and a comfy bed each night. We will take advantage of the hospitality of a teahouse at the conclusion of each day's journey throughout the Langtang Valley Trek. To spend the night, we'll choose one of the top teahouses in Syabrubesi.

Take your first steps on the Langtang Valley Trek after breakfast at Syabrubesi. The Bhote Koshi river, which runs from Tibet across the border, will be our first major landmark as we cross a suspension bridge above it. From here, the trail ascends while paralleling the gorge of the Langtang Khola river, passing through a thick pine and rhododendron forest. Rhesus macaques and red pandas meander through the forest canopy as we pass beneath them in this environment of glittering waterfalls and undiscovered hot springs. Keep an eye out for the large, wild beehives that are positioned high on the adjacent cliffs; the honey from these hives is regularly harvested by the locals at great personal risk.
We will approach numerous tiny communities as we pass terraced farms and peaceful creeks. Renche and Bamboo stand out among them as the most prominent. You'll appreciate the chance to feed your body and rest your feet as we make a lunch stop in one of these serene mountain towns. We'll climb past Bamboo in the afternoon to get to the quaint Lama Hotel hamlet. We'll make a halt here for the night, choosing a cozy teahouse for our lodging.

The trek today begins by ascending through rhododendron and pine trees, passing a few small mountain settlements, and rising over the Langtang Khola to reveal a magnificent panorama of the Langtang Himal range. The Langtang Valley is characterized by these mountains. Their highest mountain, Langtang Lirung, rises to an elevation of more than 7,000 meters. As we make our way through a glacier valley to Godatabel, a community that roughly corresponds to the halfway point on our journey for the day, we'll stroll in the shadow of its enormous mountain.

We'll trek down a route lined with prayer wheels and chortens after eating lunch at Godatabel. We will be amazed by the stunning writing and caring craftsmanship of these Buddhist faith reminders as we travel further into the mountains. As we near Langtang village, we'll continue through alpine meadows where animals are frequently seen grazing. The 2015 earthquake severely damaged this town with Tibetan influences, and a memorial in the community today honors the victims of that catastrophe. However, Langtang has been reinvigorated thanks to persistent rehabilitation work, and we'll add to its economy by spending the night at one of its top hiking lodges this evening.

The following two days will be remembered as the greatest of the entire ten-day Langtang Valley Trek by lovers of the mountainous landscape. We're in for some just breathtaking vistas, so we'll want to get going early to make the most of them. After leaving Langtang village, we'll climb up steep slopes and pass a few little yak herder communities. Yaks are infrequently seen below 3,500 meters in elevation, thus this is a strong indicator that you are trekking at a genuinely high altitude. We will go down the Langtang Khola's path after obtaining a good look at the shaggy beasts.

We'll come across a remarkable example of a Buddhist mani wall as we get closer to the neighborhood of Kyanjin Gompa. The stones used to build these walls are different sizes and forms, and each one has essential religious chants etched into it. On our route to Kyanjin Gompa, we'll cross a mani wall that's thought to be the second-largest one in all of Nepal. When we reach to the hamlet, we'll check in at one of the neighborhood teahouses and leave our luggage there so we may tour the area at our own pace. We may acclimatize to the greater altitude during today's relatively short climb while taking the opportunity to take in breathtaking mountain vistas from the comfort of a café terrace or bakery window. We'll head back to our teahouse later this evening for dinner and a restful night's sleep.

The day of exploration at Kyanjin Gompa.
Ascend Kyangjin Ri (4773 meters), the highest point of this journey, immediately behind the settlement for an amazing view of the Langtang peaks, or visit the monastery and the cheese factory. You can also climb up the moraine to observe the stunning ice faces and tumbling glaciers of Langtang Lirung.
Nighttime at a teahouse

We will depart from Kyanjin Gompa, a vibrant Buddhist settlement, and begin one of the toughest treks in the Langtang Valley. Since we are now descending through the mountains, we will be able to travel more quickly and comfortably as we make our way back to the Lama Hotel. We'll lose roughly 1,400 meters during the course of our descent, and with each step, the appeal of a hot lunch in Langtang village grows stronger. We'll pass by familiar yak herding towns and expansive alpine pastures.

We'll take some time after lunch to see any locations you might have missed in Langtang village, such the earthquake memorial, before beginning the trek to the Lama Hotel. We'll check in at this location's top teahouse and unload our hefty backpacks there. Then it's time to relax and take in the scenery of rhododendrons and pines swaying in the mountain wind as locals pass by on their way to and from work.

This morning after breakfast, we'll start the hike back to Syabrubesi. Actually, there are two options for our walk today. The first path descended through a pine forest, passing Bamboo and Renche before arriving at the Bhote Khola river crossing and taking us back to Syabrubesi the same way we came. The opportunity to explore a different trail rather than going back the same way is provided by the second, steeper option, which also gives stunning views of the Langtang Valley. Based on the weather forecast for the season and our own stamina for trekking, your guide will assist you in selecting the ideal path.

Regardless of the path we take, we will confidently enter Syabrubesi knowing that we have successfully finished the entire Langtang Valley Trek. We'll meet for supper to commemorate our achievements after checking in at one of the town's teahouses. With all those kilometers behind us, we can be sure that we'll have a restful night's sleep.

Before leaving the Langtang Valley by road this morning, we'll linger over a delectable breakfast. On the journey back to Kathmandu, we'll take the same gorgeous path we did approximately a week ago, following the Bhote Koshi river's bends and curves as it runs by idyllic rural communities and sizable agricultural fields. You'll reflect on the experiences you've made, the people you've met, and the distances you've traveled on your own two feet while you observe the gorgeous scenery of rural Nepal pass by your window.

We'll check into the hotel when we get to the city so you can get some much-needed rest and leisure. After a week of hiking in the Himalayas, there's nothing quite like a hot shower and a nap! Take some time this evening to stroll through the city's bustling Thamel neighborhood's tourist markets. This is also a fantastic second chance to see the historical and cultural sites that give Kathmandu its unique character. You'll stay the night at your hotel following dinner.

After spending a most memorable time trekking on Langtang valley near Rasuwa district and experiencing beautiful moments, take a morning drive where the overland route returns you to Kathmandu, having successfully completed an amazing adventure on Langtang Valley Trekking.

On your final day in the land of the Himalayas, leave the hotel for the airport in accordance with the time of your international departure so that you can catch that trip back home or to another location of your choosing.


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