About River Rafting River Rafting When it comes to white water rafting and kayaking, Nepal has the best on offer in the world. Nepal has rivers to cover every level of white water activity after the monsoon offers the most adrenaline packed rivers to all adventure seekers. This mountainous country spoils the adventure for choice when it comes to white water. Not only is rafting a great action adventure holiday, but it’s a great way to discover the beauty of Nepal. The rivers all originate high up in the Himalaya and snake there way downwards through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Not only do you get to see first hand Nepal’�s nature but also you get to experience her ancient and unique culture as you raft through remote villages and farm land. Nepal’s selection of rivers covers a range of grades which accommodate everything from the ultimate adrenaline adventure, an action packed river ride to a fun family holiday.

Why go rafting in Nepal ?

The rivers of Nepal take you away from the busy trekking routes and penetrate the heart of rural, roadless, unspoilt Nepal. Nepal is now the premier destination in the world for multi-day raft trips. Here’s some of the reasons and some sample paragraphs and headings from the main rafting chapter in White Water Nepal:

Rafting offers an attractive alternative to trekking, something to note if you don’t enjoy walking. It also complements trekking, in that you see the country from a different viewpoint.
Rafting ‘leaves no footprints’, has minimal ecological effect, and causes little disruption to the social patterns of local life.
Rafting gives you the unique and enjoyable experience of river travel and if you wish, the exhilaration of running white water.
White water or flat water ?

Rafting has this image of crashing through horrendous rapids and monstrous waves and, yes, at times of high flow, in the monsoon, this may be justified. But, at most flows there are many class 3 and class 4 rivers of moderate difficulty and also many rivers of class 1 and 2 where you can float along admiring the scenery and running a few very small rapids. Rafting in Nepal is a superb experience in it’s own right – the thrill of running white water rapids is the cream on the cake for those who enjoy it!

Most people are naturally a little bit apprehensive if they haven’t been on white water before, but after the first rapid are ‘hooked’ – as long as people are physically fit and not scared of water they can safely go on water of class 1 to class 3. Remember that we grade a river on the hardest sections – most rivers have days of easier water and long stretches in between the rapids in which to relax. For more difficult and exciting class 4 rivers people should be active, confident in water and preferably have some previous rafting experience.

Rafting Grades
Grade I – Flat water, (little current)
These types of rivers are flat and slow moving. A river with a 1 grade listed will have some flat spots. A completely 1 graded river will be totally flat. This kind of river is good for sightseeing and relaxing.

Grade II – Bubbling current (small rapid)
A grade II river has a swifter current and some small rapids

Grade III – Technical & Exciting (needs trained guide)
In a Grade III river, the rapids are becoming more serious and technical. Grade III and above can only be rafted with trained guides. This is a fun river with lots of excitement

Grade IV – Seriously big rapids
This is where the adrenaline gets going; grade IV River has a fast moving current with many big drops and rapids. This kind of river is action packed and needs technical paddling.

Grade V – The hair-raising limit!
This is a serious river not for the faint hearted, with a torrent like current and huge rapids this is the ultimate in white water adventures.